Books Make Memories

Almost everyone has a favorite story form their childhood that can evoke emotions long dormant. Every high school student across America has had to read particular stories that stir memories from just hearing the title. Even McDonald’s Restaurants have recognized the power of books by offering them in their Happy Meals in place of toys. It’s a great way for a respected company to pass on the legacy of literature that will build over a lifetime.

The internet has made ordering books as simple as a few clicks from the comfort of your easy chair. However, if you need a large supply, for these books to be affordable they have to be bought in bulk supply. Certain sites, such as have just about any book you may want in a quantity to save you money. Bookpal titles sold in bulk lots of 25 or more will supply a classroom, serve as inspirational gifts for a corporation or delight a congregation.

Starting a book study group is easy when you can order enough of one title so each member of the group has a uniform copy. If a member wants to refer to “page 98” everyone will have the same text on the same page. A site that also offers movies adapted from the books makes for additional study opportunities. Comparing and contrasting the book’s text to the movie interpretation is a great discussion option.
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