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The Benefits of Having a Whiteboard in the Classroom

A successful school uses a variety of teaching tools. One of the most useful of these is a whiteboard. Teachers who instruct students of all ages can use a whiteboard for an endless number of purposes. Take a look at just a few of the ways that teachers use whiteboards in the course of their day.

Math Games

A first-grade teacher who is delivering a lesson on addition and subtraction may want to incorporate a game into the class period. He or she can use a small whiteboard to write down a simple addition or subtraction problem. Next, the teacher turns the whiteboard around to show the class the problem. Ideally all of the students will call out the correct answer to the problem. Alternatively, a teacher can supply every student with a small whiteboard and ask them to write down answers to various addition and subtraction problems. Most kids like working with whiteboards and colorful markers, which makes any math lesson more memorable.

Science Lessons

A science teacher instructing a group of middle school children on the periodic table of elements would be wise to use a whiteboard. He or she can write down the various symbols to illustrate points in the lesson. Using a whiteboard in this sort of lesson can help a science teacher to approach this difficult material in a way that students will understand. Seeing symbols for chemical elements one at a time on a whiteboard is much more palatable than seeing them all on a large chart in a classroom.

Writing Practice

Most children in kindergarten are learning to write their names. A young student has ample space to write the letters of his or her name on a small whiteboard. Once again, a teacher can offer a child a choice of colorful markers to make the lesson more appealing. Teachers and schools interested in adding whiteboards to their supply of educational tools may want to consider Quartet whiteboards. Their sturdy construction is perfect for a classroom setting where a whiteboard might experience a lot of abuse.
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Educational Toys and Sets For Children

It's important for children to develop basic skills in mathematics at an early age. Video games and digital gadgets should not be the only tools used for learning algebra and arithmetic. It is essential that kids use their hands in order to develop the right type of math skills. Special sets can teach children to manipulate numbers and solve basic problems. Tiles, blocks and boards may be used to learn some of the basic concepts of algebra. Kids could play matching games or other types of challenges that require giving answers to open ended questions.

Geometric skills could be developed by playing with three dimensional shapes. Children should be able to manually hold different shapes in order to get a sense of spatial relationships and concepts. Additionally, it is important that children draw two dimensional shapes on boards or regular pieces of paper. Circles, triangles, rectangles and polygons could be mastered only when children practice drawing such geometric shapes.

Color coded educational toys are very effective at teaching children certain concepts in math. The colored pieces could be used to represent equations, numbers and other expressions in mathematics. Children can visually learn how to solve some of the most basic algebraic problems. An online shop that sells educational accessories may have a "explore this website" section that features an entire product catalog. Teachers and parents could shop at online stores that specialize in toys, accessories and other educational resources that may be used in classroom settings or in the home.
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